The Richmond Drummer Boy

The drummer boy of Richmond
The drummer boy stone
The drummer boy

The legend maintains that many years ago, possibly at the end of the 18th century, some soldiers discovered an opening to a tunnel under the Keep of the Castle. As they were too large to crawl into it themselves, they selected one of the small regimental drummer boys to be lowered through a narrow crevice into a vault. He was told to continue along the passage beating his drum as he went. Guided by the sound of drumming, the soldiers were to follow his course above the ground and so plot the route. The sound of the drum was heard clearly as he proceeded down the tunnel. It led them away from the Castle, across the Market Place in the direction of Frenchgate, and beside the River Swale towards Easby. When the soldiers reached Easby Wood, half a mile from the Abbey, the drumming ceased. A stone stands today to mark the spot and is called the 'Drummer Boy Stone' by the local people. The drummer boy was never seen again. Perhaps the roof had fallen in? The mystery has never been solved

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